5-Day Facebook Ad Primer

Direct selling doesn't have to be uncomfortable

You can harness the power of Facebook Advertising to entice your clients to come to you!

  • Learn what most direct sellers are doing wrong in their marketing, and how to avoid making those mistakes!
  • Throw that 800lb phone out the window
  • Build a business page that you can use as an anchor for your ads
  • Define the terms commonly used with Facebook Ads
  • Identify which tools are and aren't useful for you as a Direct Seller
  • Write copy for your ads that will get your customers to actually click on them!

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Hear what others have said about Direct to Success!

"I was hopeful that the program would be effective but after so many different quick fix webinars and e books, I admit I was skptical. That was quickly put to rest when within 12 hours I had new customers ready to shop and engage with no further intervention needed!"

"I started a small, niche, social media marketing company a few months ago. This is my first business venture, and I could not have done it without Minessa's help. Minessa has real business insight which enables her to really get involved and give practical help. "

Carolyn Bell, Social Bell Services

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